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    A Simple Introduction

    Hello to all - This little website is designed to give everyone a pictorial view of the travels of CNC - Along his way, CNC has documented many of the places he finds beauty and saved them in a pictorial format for all to see - We can simply view images here, or if you are so inclined, you can purchase the images in poster format, either framed or unframed, for viewing in your own casa - or anywhere else for that matter -

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  • All nine of the passengers were sitting in the cabin now - eight, rather, watching Marie LeGarde presiding over a soup pan - and I took a long, long look at all of them.
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  • Take your time browsing the many different landscapes documented here and we are sure you will find something that suits your fancy -



    One of the most fasinating places on Earth would have to be the Florida Everglades - Long considered forgotten by mainstream society, the Everglades have undergone a serious revival in the last two decades thanks largely in part to private donations, and being recognized as a national wildlife santuary by the federal government -